Mass Custom Hands On 3D Modules

For experiential learning to Standards Nothing beats the hand on tactile benefits 3D printed models.  From hearts,  to DNA structure to how an car engine is made,  3D printed demo objects create impact

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We Drive Local Learning

Working in partnership with your local schools,  STEMvan Drives Local Learning.   We have a core set of modules that are tweaked and tuned to State and Local Standards

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Iot Internet of Things

Iot : Internet of Things.  From running hackatons to completing MIT certificate training in IoT,  STEMvan has the Iot space down, with modules that teach code in kid size chunks.

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Experienced Professionals Quality Results

  STEMvan provides measureable results-based outsourced STEM improvement injections at School Systems via a menu of vetted STEM Modules.   The modules’ content are engaging and matched to State Standards.  A measured and proven approach to improving* State test scores in Science, Technology, and Math will be provided.  Patent Pending** delivery tools provide a Mass Customizable (by area region) scalable approach.  The modules provide School Systems with immediate outsourced access to  Levels 1 (Exploratory) and 2 (Introduction) of the Arizona STEM Immersion Guide for Schools and Districts


STEMVAN is forming in 2019.  Do you want to be on the Bus?


Sponsors, Content localizaton providers, and SC & NC substitute teachers with an interest in STEM are currently being recruited.